7 sentences with 'recently'

Example sentences and phrases with the word recently and other words derived from it.

« At the Flower Center Society in California, led by Richard Katz, 72 other flower essences were recently developed, hypothetically aimed at preventing and combating health problems arising from modern lifestyles. »
« The municipality of Buenos Aires recently established that five out of every hundred children under 12 years of age drink regularly, a rate which rises to 10 per cent among 12 and 13 year olds. »
« Around the same time, the German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen, experimenting with radium recently developed by the Curies, discovered invisible rays that were to be fundamental to the future of medicine: X-rays. For the first time it was possible to photograph the inside of human beings. »
« Frazier himself recently performed a successful heart implant on a 37-year-old man. »
« Charles Whitman, until recently a "normal" boy, sensed that something was upsetting him; he confessed as much that spring to a psychiatrist, on whose typewriter he wrote: "I feel fear and violent impulses, and terrible headaches. »
« The UN recently debated a permanent ban on all driftnet fishing, which the Cousteau Society, of course, strongly supported. »
« I recently attended a funeral that probably none of those present will ever forget. »

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