8 sentences with 'university'

Example sentences and phrases with the word university and other words derived from it.

« A new alternative speciality with university status emerged in 1966 in our country: music therapy. »
« It was at this university that he received a decisive influence. »
« Thus, from primary school to university, physical activity is part of the student's life. »
« However, when I was close to entering university, I discovered that the goal of becoming a doctor did not come from my heart. I did not react to certain situations like my father. »
« The dilemma weighed me down until the summer before I entered university. »
« I needed time to clear my literary throat, but I was already the head of a family; university teaching would pay the landlord and the grocer. »
« Whatever my university loses by my retirement will be easy to compensate for: where there is an abundance of talented apprentice writers, it doesn't matter much who sits at the head of my seminar table in the future. »
« Like all ideas, the concept of Western Civilisation itself has a history, one that first coalesced in university textbooks and curricula in the United States in the 1920s. »
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