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Example sentences and phrases with the word games and other words derived from it.

« With music therapy, through games, improvisations, group creations and musical themes that form part of one's own history, performed with multiple musical instruments, the stimulus - sound - response reaction is achieved, which liberates and generates channels of human communication. This underpins the rehabilitation of psychotic, feeble-minded people and serves as preventive medicine. »
« They had been trying to chase away the tedium and tension with games for eight weeks. »
« "Panhellenic" literally means "all Greece", and the games were intended to unite all the Greek polis, including those founded by colonists and located far from Greece itself. »
« The games were a combination of religious festival and competition in which the aristocrats of each city competed in various sports, including javelin, discus, foot races and a brutal form of unarmed combat called pankration. »
« The most significant of these games were the Olympics, named after Olympia, the site in southern Greece where they were held every four years. They began in 776 BC and ended in 393 AD, in other words, they lasted more than 1,000 years. »
« Soon, the elites of the Latin cities realised the benefits of playing games with the Romans. »
« Likewise, elite Romans often paid for great games and contests with free food and drink, sometimes for entire cities. This practice was not just in the name of ostentation, but was an expression of loyalty to the Roman people and their shared Roman culture. »
« In an act of classical Romanitas, he began work on the famous Colosseum (known at the time as the Flavian Amphitheatre) in Rome to provide a grand stage for public games and performances. »
« In addition, public games and theatrical performances were free of charge, subsidised by the state or by elites who showed off their wealth (the most popular were the circuses: horse races around a track). »
« Give me more coins," Edwin pleaded, pointing to the video games in the hallway near the front door. »

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