7 sentences with «kept»

« The radiologist kept talking, and Margaret stared at a point in space, sobbing quietly, unable to control her tears. »
« Dr. Orozco kept his finger firmly resting on the wound while Boone prepared the needles for suturing. »
« Chris had been kept in isolation in a sterile environment for two months to prepare him for surgery, and it was time for Dr. Epstein to show what could be accomplished with modern equipment, a lot of self-confidence and a lot of nerve. »
« She kept pestering the doctor with questions about her daughter's symptoms until he agreed to an MRI. »
« I could not sleep because I kept thinking about my dog Santos. »
« He kept lions and tigers as pets to reinforce his tough-guy act. »
« Today Tasmanian devils are kept in almost 20 reserves and zoos in Australia and other countries, as, due to their nocturnal habits, it is very difficult to see them in their natural environment. »
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