7 sentences with 'kept'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kept and other words derived from it.

« The radiologist kept talking, and Margaret stared at a point in space, sobbing quietly, unable to control her tears. »
« Dr. Orozco kept his finger firmly resting on the wound while Boone prepared the needles for suturing. »
« With these tools and the food we kept, we "made". »
« Chris had been kept in isolation in a sterile environment for two months to prepare him for surgery, and it was time for Dr. Epstein to show what could be accomplished with modern equipment, a lot of self-confidence and a lot of nerve. »
« She kept pestering the doctor with questions about her daughter's symptoms until he agreed to an MRI. »
« I could not sleep because I kept thinking about my dog Santos. »
« -Although my parents made me put my feet on the ground," he said, "Marina always kept my dreams alive. »
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