6 sentences with 'nicotine'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nicotine and other words derived from it.

« From the 1970s onwards, nicotine chewing gum was introduced, which was not very pleasant to taste, and finally in Switzerland, transdermal patches were created for the controlled release of nicotine through the skin. »
« Tobacco addiction is mainly due to nicotine, an alkaloid which, by acting on the central nervous system - with certain pleasurable effects - would create even more dependence than heroin. »
« However, like so many other nicotine addicts, they did not accept that their habit had anything to do with their daughter's asthma. »
« He looked up the toxicology report from the autopsy. The only two substances found in Deane's blood were nicotine and an antidepressant called Elavil. Where had she obtained the drug? »
« In both cases, progress is spectacular, and new "anti-drug" drugs are being perfected daily with specific effects not only on cocaine, but also on heroin, marijuana, and even alcohol and nicotine. »
« There are drugs that combat addiction to heroin, marijuana, nicotine and alcohol. »
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