6 sentences with 'causing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word causing and other words derived from it.

« Then I have to stop doing whatever is causing the problem. »
« Tobacco is also blamed for causing duodenal ulcers by enhancing the action of gastric acids in the small intestine. »
« Hypoglycaemia is unusually low blood sugar, causing dizziness and sweating. »
« Then he turned the steering wheel from side to side, causing the van to zigzag and skid like a skier in the snow. »
« My wife confirmed my suspicions when I heard her hold her breath. If I had placed my hand firmly on the fish, she would have injected me with a toxic substance capable of killing, or at least causing excruciating pain. I quickly, but gently, returned the slab to its original position. »
« A collision with another vehicle threw the bus into a ditch, causing a delay of several hours. »

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