6 sentences with 'jumping'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jumping and other words derived from it.

« Running, jumping, wrestling, discus and javelin throwing were some of the disciplines practised daily in Sparta. »
« The jumping genes may be Mother Nature's secret agents in evolution; her jokers in the game of life on Earth. »
« -Mr. Martin! -she protested, jumping to her feet, "I won't stand for it any longer! I beg you to leave this very instant. »
« According to Lenin, led by the party, the workers could not only succeed in a communist revolution in a backward state like Russia, but could "skip" a stage of history (the Marxist version), jumping directly from feudalism to socialism and bypassing industrial capitalism. »
« -Hey, you're not thinking of jumping off the bridge, are you? -he asked. »
« When a spider lands on human skin, there is a slight tingling sensation. The spider unfurls its tiny, jumping claws like a cat's. But beware: it is not a cute little cat. But beware: it is not a cute little cat. »

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