6 sentences with 'valuable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word valuable and other words derived from it.

« Henry's economic measures had come at the expense of some of the company's most valuable - albeit intangible - resources, as the period from 1919 to 1921 marked the disappearance of several members of Ford's management, whose skills and experience were never replaced. »
« A century later, the French physician Louis Pasteur, with his valuable work on infectious diseases, was to initiate a discipline vital to human well-being: immunology. »
« But undoubtedly the best known and most valuable of all is ginseng. It is called the root of life or the wonder of the world, the "pledge of immortality" because of its many qualities and because it can cure everything from asthenia to haemorrhoids and prevent ageing. »
« Many of the foods we eat every day are valuable therapeutic aids. Numerous laboratory studies have given credence to this traditional truth, which has been around for centuries. »
« Based on his observations, later astronomers have gained valuable information about our natural satellite, the moon. »
« In practice, women were very valuable to the Greek economy, providing almost all domestic labour and also contributing to agriculture and trade. »
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