7 sentences with 'kilos'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kilos and other words derived from it.

« The prosthesis weighs between one and two kilos and is much simpler than the total heart imagined by Jarvik and other pioneers. In reality, there are several types of cardiac assist devices; Wallwork's is called ambulatory and allows the patient to move from place to place without any problems. »
« With dumbbells weighing one to four kilos, you can work all the muscles of the body, without having to leave the house. »
« When my sister, Barbara (1.65 meters, 46 kilos), can't stop eating, she brushes her teeth. »
« "If I can button my pants, I know I'm still okay," explains Kelli Kauterman (1.68 meters, 62 kilos), a 34-year-old actress. »
« This one indicates that it is necessary to put 1.8 kilos of flour per liter of water. »
« It took several weeks for the first camera to be ready. It weighed five kilos, whereas Edison's machine weighed 50. »
« In one study, subjects who repeatedly lost and regained a number of kilos showed a clear preference for fatty foods. In another, women who had a history of intermittent dieting consumed more fatty snacks than those who did not. »
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