9 sentences with 'known'

Example sentences and phrases with the word known and other words derived from it.

« However, from the day it became known that I had prostate cancer, friends, acquaintances and strangers phoned me to give me some advice. »
« What town in the Holy Land is known as the city of David? »
« Almost everything we know about Jesus appears in the first four books of the New Testament, known as the Gospels. And although they all overlap, each has unique aspects. »
« It was the first non-horse-drawn vehicle Henry Ford had ever known. »
« When it became known that Winton would take one of his machines to Detroit to contend with anyone who wanted to compete, the challenge was unavoidable. »
« The new car would become known as the Model A, a product of the Ford Motor Company. »
« It is now known that it would be impossible - and totally undesirable - to suppress stress. What is important is to stay within the positive stress frame or phase (or "eustress"), which results in greater vitality, optimism, resistance to illness and mental agility. »
« It is also known today that the Egyptians used scents such as myrrh and cedarwood, antiphlogistic and antiseptic essences, in the mummification process. »
« One of the earliest known cases of drunkenness in human history was that of Noah, who after leaving the Ark "turned to tillage and planted a vineyard", whose wine he drank in drunkenness and involuntarily showed himself to be naked. »

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