6 sentences with 'kinds'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kinds and other words derived from it.

« Among all the various kinds of information that came my way, one recommendation kept coming up over and over again: that I consult with Dr. Pat Walsh of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore. »
« According to historical records, the pizzaiolo prepared three kinds of pizza, of which the last one had tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil: red, white and green, like the Italian flag. »
« Far more common, however, were labourers or artisans of all kinds, who made things and then sold them on behalf of their masters. »
« Beyond these borders there were "barbarians" of various kinds; as far as the Romans were concerned, there were no civilised people outside their borders except the Persians. »
« The Vikings went in search of riches of all kinds, but especially silver, which was their standard of wealth, and slaves, which were equally lucrative. »
« Not surprisingly, given the paucity of medical knowledge, epidemics of all kinds swept regularly across Europe. »

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