7 sentences with 'understand'

Example sentences and phrases with the word understand and other words derived from it.

« -Son, you haven't let me down. Someday, when you're in my place, you'll understand. »
« It is very important for women to understand how vulnerable men are when they offer themselves. »
« Judith cried in my office trying to understand what had gone wrong in her marriage to Ted. »
« Which is not to say that Miss Rosenberg was docile: if she did not understand a passage, she would question it or question me until either she understood it or I understood that she had not understood it. »
« To understand the answer to such a question, one must keep in mind that making something as complex as a feather requires very intricate DNA instructions, with near-perfect order, coding, and activation signals. »
« I understand, Martin, that you have never drunk or smoked? »
« One night in the hospital was enough for him to understand that it is no fun. »
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