6 sentences with 'veneration'

Example sentences and phrases with the word veneration and other words derived from it.

« Everyone pronounced his name with veneration, even other doctors, albeit with a tinge of envy. »
« Emperors who respected Roman laws and traditions gained prestige and veneration for having done so, but there was never a formal legal challenge to imperial authority. »
« The tradition of saints' days, feasts celebrated in veneration of specific saints, often overlapped with various non-Christian celebrations. »
« In 726, a volcano devastated the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. Leo III took this as proof that the veneration of icons had gone too far, as some of his religious advisors had told him. »
« Loyola wrote a book, the Spiritual Exercises, which encouraged a mystical veneration of the Church and unconditional devotion to its institutions. »
« Each member of the team looked with ecstatic veneration at the coach - the same man who just ten years earlier I had thought should go to jail for mistreating children. »

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