11 sentences with 'theory'

Example sentences and phrases with the word theory and other words derived from it.

« But it was not until the end of the 19th century that this body of knowledge became a theory. »
« Later, central to Sigmund Freud's conception was the theory of neurosis; he agreed with Nietzsche, for whom neurosis was "the modern disease" par excellence; »
« Freudian theory saw neurosis as a psychic mechanism similar to that of errors or "failed acts", and to that of the dream: the fruit of a repression of infantile impulses - libidinal or sexual - for which reason it would be fundamental in therapy to be able to access the repressed neurotic contents. »
« The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan (1901-1981), for his part, related to the theory of structuralism, maintained that the unconscious is the privileged place of language, that it speaks in everything and at all times, and that the task of analysis therefore consists in unveiling the intimate truth of the language of the unconscious: what is important is not the man who speaks, but "what" speaks in man. »
« Two and a half thousand years before Christ, the Greek historian Herodotus outlined a theory that is increasingly relevant today: lever systems and wooden rollers made it possible to move the stone blocks weighing more than 50 tons that form the skeleton of the pyramids. »
« Herodotus' theory has been subjected to all sorts of tests by modern archaeologists and Egyptologists and has always come out on top. With it, the assumptions that spoke of ramps as the primary system for providing the pharaohs with a tomb worthy of their lineage are demolished. »
« Geneticists are updating Darwin's theory by demonstrating that in the slow process of evolution there are sometimes unforeseen strides, and that life is stranger, more adaptable and changeable than we ever dreamed. »
« In 1859, when Charles Darwin unveiled his theory of evolution, science was unaware of the existence of genes and DNA. »
« The English scholar based his theory on the appearance of living beings, that is, on morphology. »
« According to some theory, the swirling needles of ice and hail within the cloud generate electrostatic charges, thereby polarizing the vapor mass so that the top is positive and the bottom is negative. »
« One common theory is that they may have originally come together to coordinate the need for irrigation systems; the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are notorious for their unpredictable floods, so it took much human effort to create the dykes and canals needed to divert floodwaters and irrigate agricultural lands near the rivers. »
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