Sentences with 'neurosis'

Example sentences and phrases with the word neurosis and other words derived from it.

« Later, central to Sigmund Freud's conception was the theory of neurosis; he agreed with Nietzsche, for whom neurosis was "the modern disease" par excellence; »
« Freudian theory saw neurosis as a psychic mechanism similar to that of errors or "failed acts", and to that of the dream: the fruit of a repression of infantile impulses - libidinal or sexual - for which reason it would be fundamental in therapy to be able to access the repressed neurotic contents. »
« In some people, however, there is a tendency to transform every experience into a situation of risk or danger, which gives rise to the so-called phobic neurosis. »
« Psychotherapy seeks to uncover the causes that led to the onset of neurosis at an early age, and therefore requires a great deal of commitment on the part of the patient. » - 1998 - 2022