7 sentences with 'killed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word killed and other words derived from it.

« Whitman killed twelve students and wounded thirty; not only that, but shortly before he had murdered his mother and stabbed his wife. »
« According to legend, Osiris was killed by his brother Set and resurrected by his two sisters, Isis and Nephthys. He came back to life and became the ruler of the other world. »
« -I killed my friends! -he shouted, hysterical. »
« The Greeks were particularly good at inflicting casualties without taking many: the Persians supposedly lost 33 men for every Athenian lost in battle (6,400 Persians killed for 192 Athenians). »
« There is also a questionable statistic from Greek sources that it was more than that - up to 60 Persians killed in battle per Athenian. »
« Slaves were not usually killed outright, but this was because murder was seen as an offence to the gods, not because there were legal consequences. »
« Alexander the Great first ruthlessly killed his rivals and enemies in Macedonia and Greece, executing nobles he suspected of treachery, and then led an army through Macedonia, crushing the northern Thracian tribes that threatened to defect. »

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