6 sentences with 'paper'

Example sentences and phrases with the word paper and other words derived from it.

« He gave me a copy of his paper, Dr. Walsh's most recent results and several European studies. »
« The tattered brown paper packet was addressed simply to "Monsieur Kipling". »
« They also invented "friendship chains" made of paper clips, which grew longer with each clip one classmate gave to another. »
« He stood up, threw some of the paper on the ground, and then lay down again. »
« The paper urged the mayor to give the award to someone else who deserved a gold medal: a girl who three months earlier had performed a heroic act, but not in a ring, but in a ring of fire. »
« In 1907, the Dutch physiologist Willem Einthoven (1860-1927) published a paper entitled The recording of human heart tones by means of the galvanometer, thus establishing a new method for cardiological studies: phonocardiography. »

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