11 sentences with 'northern'

Example sentences and phrases with the word northern and other words derived from it.

« This Chinese monk was called The Immortal and lived in northern China during the Sung Dynasty (1127 to 1279 AD). »
« There, the two rivers meet in a great delta that flows into the Persian Gulf. Further up the rivers, the northern region of Mesopotamia was known as Akkad. »
« Egypt exercised military power and extracted wealth from the northern part of the kingdom from Nubia (in present-day Sudan) to the south, and also established at least limited continuous contact with Mesopotamia. »
« By 1500 BC, only 50 years after the founding of the new kingdom, Egypt had conquered Canaan and much of Syria. It then conquered northern Nubia. »
« At the beginning of the Middle Kingdom, Mentuhotep II succeeded not only in reunifying Egypt, but also in conquering the northern portion of Nubia. »
« While Assyria in northern Mesopotamia survived the collapse, it lost its territories in the south to Elan, a warlike kingdom based in present-day southern Iran. »
« The Assyrians were shaped by their environment. Their region in northern Mesopotamia, Ashur, had no natural borders, and therefore they needed a strong army to survive; they were constantly forced to fight against other civilised peoples from the west and south, and against barbarians from the north. »
« The Assyrian conquests culminated in 671 BC when King Esarhaddon (r. 681-668 BC) invaded Egypt and conquered not only the entire Egyptian kingdom, but also northern Nubia. This was the first time in history that the two founding river valleys of the ancient civilisation, those of the Nile and Mesopotamia, were under the control of a single political entity. »
« The northern kingdom of Israel was larger, wealthier and more cosmopolitan. »
« That began to change when the Assyrians destroyed the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 BCE. Many of the Hebrews saw this disaster as proof of the corruption of the rich and powerful and the righteousness of the Prophetic Movement. »
« Eventually the Minoans disappeared as a distinct culture, most likely after they were conquered and absorbed by the Mycenaeans, their northern neighbours. »
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