5 sentences with «quantity»

« The quantity and quality of beverages to be consumed during sport is not always given the true importance it deserves. »
« To take your mind off quantity, focus on quality. »
« The USSR also had a great superiority in quantity (though not quality) of equipment at the beginning of the Second World War. In fact, by the end of the war, the Soviets had mobilised 30.6 million soldiers (800,000 of whom were women: the USSR was the only nation with women in front-line combat positions, where they equalled their male compatriots in effectiveness). Given this enormous force, Stalin was surprised when the Germans attacked, reportedly spending hours in a daze before ordering an armed response. »
« -The quantity you speak of is not correct," he said, objecting to one of Professor Hoyle's mathematical calculations. »
« It is not only the quantity of milk that is a factor, but also the quality. »

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