6 sentences with «knowing»

« It is no secret to good health: it is a matter of knowing how to mix noble products in a pot brimming with exquisite flavour and enormous wellbeing. »
« Meanwhile, Darius III managed to muster the full strength of the Persian army, knowing that a final showdown was inevitable. »
« Heraclius had no way of knowing it, but Byzantium would soon face an even greater threat than the Persians: the Arab caliphates. »
« Someone (we have no way of knowing who) developed a new type of collar for horses and oxen that rested on the animal's shoulders and thus enabled it to pull much heavier loads, allowing the use of heavier ploughs. »
« Thom and Tracy also feel stronger knowing that they won a desperate race against the darkness of the night. »
« When he returned home, his friend Brendan asked him: "How is it that you went to France without knowing a word of French? How could you understand? »

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