6 sentences with 'performing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word performing and other words derived from it.

« When performing a radical prostatectomy, the surgeon had a hard time seeing, largely due to the enormous blood loss. »
« This she has done for more than 12 years, at Saint Timothy's School, and she hopes to keep going, performing miracles.... Oh, still a little more. »
« The Andrews traveled all over England, performing for a week at each theater and moving from one miserable boarding house to another. »
« Women were praised for fulfilling their social and family duties, for performing religious ceremonies, and even for their political intelligence in the case of notable queens (such as Alexander's mother Olympias or, much later, the famous Cleopatra VII). »
« The lack of heads on the figures suggests that they were women because they would not have represented a headless deity; perhaps they were girls performing a dance or a rite for the gods. »
« The government of Buenos Aires did not sympathise with this group called the Literary Salon and, through threats and pressure, managed to stop it from performing publicly. Almost all of its members emigrated to Montevideo, where they formed the May Association, which was joined by other Rioplatenses, such as Bartolom√© Mitre. »

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