7 sentences with 'qualities'

Example sentences and phrases with the word qualities and other words derived from it.

« Yoghurt has proven antibacterial and anticancer qualities. »
« Tribal confederations revolved around the military prowess and charismatic qualities of individual leaders, so even with the Persian bureaucracy they rarely held together for long. »
« One notable exception to the state of semi-anarchy came about because of an individual whose personal qualities appealed to the Turks of the Qizilbash group who dominated Persia at the time: Shah Ismail, the founder of the Safavid dynasty. »
« The moral qualities of Church members, while not universally exemplary, eventually came to resemble more closely their supposed standards. »
« Although Kant's essay probably exaggerated the utopian qualities of the thinking of his time, he was right that it corresponded to a major shift in the way educated Europeans thought about the world and the place of humans in it. »
« The themes of their Russian art dealt both with the thorny political issues of their time and with a kind of ongoing spiritual quest to understand the Russian 'soul', something usually identified with both nature and the mystical qualities of the Russian Orthodox Church. »
« Arsenic is very famous for the sudden and lethal effects of its poisonous derivatives, but less so for its therapeutic qualities in leukaemias, anaemias, in states of inadequate ossification, and in the devitalisation of the dental pulp. »

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