9 sentences with 'newborn'

Example sentences and phrases with the word newborn and other words derived from it.

« One of the first actions of a newborn baby is feeding. »
« When a pregnant woman contracts rubella, the newborn may be born with severe malformations. »
« 1. Baptism - believed to be necessary to purge the original sin of a newborn child. Without baptism, medieval Christians believed that even a newborn child who died would be denied entry into heaven. Therefore, most people sought to baptise their newborns immediately after birth, as infant mortality was extremely high. »
« On the other hand, in the 19th century newborn nations often looked back to the most traditional form of political sovereignty: dynastic identity. »
« The various smaller German kingdoms gave up their independence and committed themselves to the newborn state in the process. »
« But then, as the nurse put an oxygen mask on the newborn, she saw that her little girl's body was bruised and stiff, her fingers were stuck together, and she didn't seem to be breathing. »
« The next time they saw their daughter was in the newborn intensive care unit. »
« Lori's breath caught. No one had told her that her newborn was also mentally retarded. »
« The newborn dolphin was inert. In fact, it had died, and we, so sorry for our ruined walk, so annoyed by our soaked clothes and the discomfort of a few hours, suddenly knew how trivial our discomfort was compared to what we now saw. Around the forlorn mother swam the other members of the dolphin pod, guarding her in case a shark approached. »

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