9 sentences with 'upper'

Example sentences and phrases with the word upper and other words derived from it.

« The surgeon rested the wedge on the upper end of Mike's sternum. »
« When you row, you are working both the upper and lower body, with the upper body predominating, producing a great development of the dorsal or back muscles. »
« Swimming gets the main muscles of both the upper and lower body moving and, at the same time, works the abdominal area. »
« Astrid and Vietnamese translator Nguyen Do Thinh moved the files to the upper floors. »
« At 8:40 p.m., Phan Thi Hue, 32, was having dinner with his son and some of his friends in one of the apartments on the upper floors when he heard the sound of shattering windows and the boom of explosive devices. »
« In their state, the upper echelons of government and administration were Greek, but the bulk of the royal bureaucracy was Egyptian. »
« The Ptolemaic reign is particularly noteworthy: starting with Ptolemy himself, the existing Egyptian bureaucracy was expanded and its middle and upper ranks were filled entirely by Greeks (and Macedonians), who developed obsessively detailed records of every sheaf of wheat owed to the royal treasury. »
« Even after the plebeians gained legal concessions, the rich always had the upper hand because wealthy plebeians regularly joined the patricians in outmanoeuvring the poorer plebeians. »
« This new script introduced the division between upper and lower case letters and the practice of beginning sentences with the capital letters we use to this day. »
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