7 sentences with 'victims'

Example sentences and phrases with the word victims and other words derived from it.

« But its victims (exclusively men) have almost always suffered from it in secret, often in ignorance, or even in shame. »
« The victims were buried together under the same gravestone. »
« Dr. Moody clarifies: "All the people I spoke to were not victims of psychosis, but normal, stable, socially well-adjusted people who can distinguish between dreams and waking experiences. Invariably, in the course of the interviews, they assured me that their experiences were not dreams but definite and real episodes," says the researcher. »
« We consider road deaths so natural when the victims are strangers that, perhaps for that reason, they are no longer impressive. »
« They were preparing a second airlift for famine victims in Cambodia. »
« Julie returned to the United States determined to devote even more time to relief efforts for victims of war, political unrest, famine and poverty. »
« The rescuers found seven other victims scattered all over the place; they were so young that none of them had identity papers. »

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