6 sentences with «versions»

« Synthetic versions of the corticosteroid - called steroid drugs - are used to treat a wide variety of diseases, such as asthma and arthritis. However, the latter can dramatically increase vitamin B-6 and C requirements. »
« The Library of Alexandria was eventually destroyed, although to this day there are competing versions of the blame for its destruction (from the forces of Julius Caesar during his involvement in an Egyptian civil war to Christian or Muslim fanatics centuries later). »
« Charlemagne had defective versions of the Vulgate (the Latin Bible) corrected and revived disciplines of classical learning that had fallen into disuse (including rhetoric, logic and astronomy). »
« Erasmus became completely fluent not only in classical and medieval Latin, but also in New Testament Greek (i.e. most of the earliest New Testament versions of the Bible are written in the vernacular Greek of the first century AD). »
« Women were not, according to the new theories, just inferior versions of men, they were biologically engineered to be the polar opposite: dumb, over-emotional and, above all, unable to think rationally. »
« Some of this literature consisted of the banned works of the major philosophers, but much of it was simply pirated and "dumbed-down" versions of things like the Encyclopaedia. »

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