10 sentences with 'yet'

Example sentences and phrases with the word yet and other words derived from it.

« My first impression of him was that of a very self-confident and yet almost old-fashionedly polite man. »
« It doesn't seem to have spread yet. »
« And although I had not yet received the pathologists' report, I had no doubt that he had managed to remove the entire tumor; moreover, there was no sign that the cancer had spread. »
« However, I have not yet expressed my gratitude to the person who gave me the strength to survive. »
« Afghanistan is now free, but I am not yet. »
« There was little smoke on the first floor, where the fire had not yet reached. »
« Henry was born two years later, and was not yet 13 years old when Mary was in labor pains to give birth to their eighth child. »
« Since the United States was already preparing for war, although not yet involved in it, Ford had defense contracts that would certainly be cancelled by the government if the company did not change its labor policy. »
« When soap had not yet been invented, man used only water to cleanse his skin. »
« And yet, more than a few men know from experience that if they start lavishing tenderness on their lady and become aroused, then they have to go all the way. »
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