7 sentences with 'organ'

Example sentences and phrases with the word organ and other words derived from it.

« Scientists around the world are testing the replacement of our body's most important organ with a tiny metal bomb. The latest tests are auspicious. »
« The pituitary gland is the organ that produces and directs the entire endocrine gland system. »
« In 1667 the British King Charles II officially designated the royal treasury as the coordinating organ of British state finances and ensured that it was run by officials trained in the Dutch style of political economy. »
« In a state of intense concentration, the brain organ can consume as many calories as muscles do during exercise. This is why thinking is sometimes as exhausting as physical activity. »
« Of course, not all scientists are willing to accept the new times so lightly; however, certain details about the brain as an organ force us to at least consider the arguments that intelligence can be expanded. »
« The complexity of the brain organ has caused more than one scholar to lose sleep, and ideas that emerged in the late 1980s contributed to such concerns. Scientists concluded that the brain uses only a small part of it for all our actions, leaving a huge potential that can be exploited. »
« The most revolutionary theory regarding the brain and memory belongs to neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, who postulates that there is no one area of the brain where memory is stored, but that it is spread throughout the organ, as if it were a hologram. According to this hypothesis, everything we think we see, hear or feel would be nothing more than mathematical data transmitted through the cells as nerve impulses. »
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