Sentences with «joint»

« Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of a joint between bones and their cartilage, causing pain and loss of function. »
« On 13 February 1895, they obtained a patent in their joint names. »
« Melinda then consulted a rheumatologist for joint pain. "I started describing my symptoms to him," she recalls, "and he guessed the rest. Who would have thought that hip pain could be associated with chronic fatigue and frequent urination? »
« Today, thanks to the joint efforts of NASA and the US Air Force and the great cost reduction made possible by the nascent technology (from a tenth to a hundredth of the cost of a space taxi), the NASH (National Aerospace Plane) project was created to build and fly an experimental hypersonic aircraft called X-30 to transform the old idea of the air lung into a reality. »

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