6 sentences with 'joint'

Example sentences and phrases with the word joint and other words derived from it.

« It is an ideal physical activity for all ages, but it is especially recommended for people over 45 years of age and for those with joint problems who are unable to do other sports. »
« Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of a joint between bones and their cartilage, causing pain and loss of function. »
« Officially, Italian fascism promised to end the class conflict that lay at the heart of socialist ideology by favouring what it called "corporatism" over mere capitalism. Corporatism was supposed to be a unified system of decision-making in which workers and business owners would serve in joint committees to control labour. In fact, the owners got all the benefits; trade unions were banned and the workers' situation degenerated without representation. »
« As rheumatoid arthritis has certain clear manifestations, such as joint swelling, its relief can be easily measured. »
« On 13 February 1895, they obtained a patent in their joint names. »
« Melinda then consulted a rheumatologist for joint pain. "I started describing my symptoms to him," she recalls, "and he guessed the rest. Who would have thought that hip pain could be associated with chronic fatigue and frequent urination? »

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