8 sentences with «kind»

« With my heart on my sleeve, I asked him what kind of problems that would cause me. »
« I went into a kind of hysterical fit. »
« I also discovered a kind of peace that began to protect me from everyday stress. »
« Generous, well-mannered and kind, he was in personal terms more humane than his father, and possessed all the ingredients necessary for great achievements, except the most important one: independence of spirit. »
« For him, running was a kind of ecstasy. »
« At one point I find myself approaching a kind of barrier or border that seems to represent the boundary between the earthly life and the other. I discover that I must return to Earth, that the moment of death has not yet arrived. »
« People who have been close to death often speak of a kind of panoramic and global memory. »
« Fragments of music and bits of information created a kind of golden glow over the horizon, when the sun set in the West, that inaccessible, but, ah, so desirable West. »

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