8 sentences with 'kind'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kind and other words derived from it.

« With my heart on my sleeve, I asked him what kind of problems that would cause me. »
« I went into a kind of hysterical fit. »
« I also discovered a kind of peace that began to protect me from everyday stress. »
« He knew Tahoe Forest Hospital had no equipment for that kind of surgery: no heart-lung machine and no chest saw. »
« I explain the reason for my visit to the kind receptionist, whose name is Malahat, and she assures me that she will be attentive to any news about my friend Nader Ali. »
« How are we going to use interferon if we don't know for sure what kind of tumor it is? -Epstein asked in turn. »
« Generous, well-mannered and kind, he was in personal terms more humane than his father, and possessed all the ingredients necessary for great achievements, except the most important one: independence of spirit. »
« Nor do these marsupials shy away from any kind of food. Their generic name is Sarcophilus, which is Greek for "meat lover", but the truth is that they devour everything in their path. »

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