Sentences with 'radioactivity'

Example sentences and phrases with the word radioactivity and other words derived from it.

« Radiotherapy is a treatment of cancer and some other diseases by X-rays or other sources of radioactivity. »
« Also in north-western Poland, in the town of Mikolajki, 500 times more radioactivity than usual has fallen. Berlin and the English Lake District have been "rained" with 100 times more radioactivity than usual, all because of Chernobyl. »
« Zirconium "lives" for five million years by contaminating radioactivity, caesium-135 for three million years and technetium-999 for five hundred thousand. These by-products make up 15 per cent of nuclear power plant waste. But more rudimentary industries are no less dangerous. »
« Non-ionising radiation, so called because its effects on organic matter - us, among other things - are very indirect and subtle compared to those of "ionising radiation" such as radioactivity, gamma rays, etc., which can directly disintegrate biological structures. »

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