6 sentences with 'veins'

Example sentences and phrases with the word veins and other words derived from it.

« Tobacco damage to the endothelial cells of veins and arteries and to platelets promotes the formation of atherosclerosis-causing plugs or atheromas; »
« Varicose veins are a permanent dilation of a vein, caused by the accumulation of blood in its cavity. »
« The whale specialist is a tenth-generation member of a Cape Cod, Massachusetts, family that once hunted large whales. "I have whaler's blood running through my veins," he observes. "Because my ancestors killed their ancestors, I consider myself indebted to these whales." »
« Blood, that torrent of life that runs through our veins, carrying oxygen, clotting wounds, carrying proteins, etc., must in some cases be replaced or corrected. »
« If I ever notice that my veins are swollen because of work, then what I do is, when I go to sleep, I put a cushion under my feet, so that they are higher than the rest of my body and the blood circulation is restored. »
« The circulatory system allows blood to flow through arteries, veins and capillaries, driven by the heart. »
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