9 sentences with 'virus'

Example sentences and phrases with the word virus and other words derived from it.

« A virus is a microscopic infectious agent one hundredth the size of the smallest bacterium. Viruses cause disorders ranging from colds to rabies. »
« Warts are malformations of the skin tissue caused by a virus, the papilloma, whose genetic information induces the skin cells to grow in a disorderly manner, giving rise to warts. »
« Any cell type - animal or plant - can be attacked by viruses, and each virus parasitises only a specific variety of cells. »
« The genetic material of the virus is then injected into the cell, where the infecting DNA or RNA takes control of cell metabolism: normal protein synthesis is stopped, replicas of the virus nucleic acid are synthesised, and only the proteins that coat the virus are produced. »
« For example: the common cold virus assaults cells, induces them to make new viruses, and then kills them, when the new viruses burst the cell membranes to get out. »
« If a virus is lucky enough to be incorporated into the reproductive cells of a species, it can become part of the heritage of that species for millions of years. »
« For the human immune system, the AIDS virus is particularly difficult to fight, because it still undergoes mutations; it "evolves" several thousand times faster than the speed with which our DNA is able to create protections. »
« What is a virus in computer science? »
« When the Korean War broke out a few years later, the United States stepped in to support France, convinced by events in Korea that communism was spreading like a virus throughout Asia. »
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