10 sentences with 'nothing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nothing and other words derived from it.

« Once the prostate was removed and there was nothing obstructing the urethra, the bladder would not get the message that things had changed and would work hard, counteracting the body's ability to hold back urine flow. »
« He told me that numbers mean nothing, that every case is different, and that I was a person, not a statistic. »
« -You have nothing to worry about. I'm going to take care of you," he said, and his blue eyes looked absolutely sincere. I'll do everything I can. »
« But nothing could heal the deep wound that grew inside him as the months went by without news of the boy. »
« Doctors found nothing abnormal, and sent the family home with instructions to give the boy aspirin. »
« But nothing happened with the first shock. Nor with the second. Then came the third, the fourth and the fifth. Nothing. »
« "I am in a peculiar position," Henry Ford once confided to Reverend Marquis. "There is nothing I desire that I cannot acquire. However, I have no appetite for things that can be bought with money. »
« The truth is that Harry Bennett knew next to nothing about automobiles. He was not a mechanic, engineer or designer. »
« As she didn't move, Nenita tried to find a pulse, but felt nothing. »
« The famous Papyrus Smith is nothing more than a book specialising in the treatment of wounds: it explains how to cure them step by step. »
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