7 sentences with 'juice'

Example sentences and phrases with the word juice and other words derived from it.

« The juice of the prickly pear - the fruit of a wild cactus common in the Mexican deserts - normalises the blood sugar and cholesterol levels of diabetic patients to the point where they can do without insulin. »
« We left that sweet, coloured juice called karkadé, prepared with hibiscus flowers, which refreshed us throughout the journey along the Nile; and also that other sweet cane juice, typical of the city of Luxor. »
« Other sources of resveratrol are red or purple grape juice and artificially dried sultanas. »
« The caustic stomach: gastric juice is one of the most corrosive substances known, capable of dissolving even a razor. So much so that the stomach has to produce a new lining of its walls every three days to avoid digesting itself. »
« Breakfast was a complex and unchanging ritual: orange juice, two slices of buttered toast, a warm egg and a cup of coffee (mine contained almost only milk). It was certainly not a normal breakfast for a child, but Uncle Ben made it look like a king's feast. »
« Breakfast with my uncle was the same as when I was a child. The orange juice, the perfect toast. »
« The slaves had to cut the long stalks of cane by hand and then carry them to a mill, where the cane juice was extracted. »

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