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« When blood pressure is measured, there are two values: the higher value is the "systolic pressure", which is the blood pressure when the heart contracts. The other number, the lower one, is the "diastolic pressure", and represents the blood pressure before the heart makes its next contraction. »
« Stressful situations raise both blood pressure values by constricting the blood vessels. This is not serious, as long as it returns to relaxed values. »
« In patients with hypertension, the blood pressure never drops to normal values. Even during sleep, their numbers are higher than those of a healthy, stressed man. »
« The values set out in the Homeric poems spoke to the Greeks of the archaic era of how they determined what was good and desirable in human behaviour in general. »
« Greek values translated directly into the unique political order of Greece. »
« Despite his obvious personal power, Augustus found it useful to maintain the fa├žade of the Republic, along with republican values such as thrift, honesty, bravery and honour. »
« In capitalist economies this phenomenon often leads to "bubbles" of rising values that then collapse. »
« Ultimately, at least among some kings and nobles in Western Europe, humanistic education and the traditional martial values of the nobility were combined with a practical knowledge, or at least appreciation, of mercantile techniques. »
« Modernist art and literature sometimes openly attacked the moral values of the dominant society, but sometimes experimented with the form itself and simply ignored moral issues. »
« Inner life was not simple - it was a complicated tangle of conflicting values and impulses, and traditional morality was often a smokescreen over a system of repression and violence. »
« On the other hand, many French citizens realised only too well that the values that the French Fourth Republic supposedly stood for - liberty, equality and fraternity - were precisely what the native people of Algeria had been denied since it was conquered by France during the restoration of the monarchy under the Bourbons in the early 19th century. »

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