6 sentences with 'viral'

Example sentences and phrases with the word viral and other words derived from it.

« Because it is a viral condition, it is contagious; but this rarely happens, as papilloma is largely controlled by the immune system of most people. »
« A typical viral infection begins when the virus attaches itself to the outside of the host cell via its protein capsid. »
« Sometimes, the viral nucleic acid is integrated into the host cell's DNA. It is then duplicated and passed on to the daughter cells as an additional hereditary unit, leaving the infection in a state of latency that culminates when, faced with a certain stimulus, infection is triggered. »
« They are called "arn retroviruses," and they can make contact with the dna of a cell, create their own version of themselves through viral DNA (sort of like the negative of a photograph), and insert it into the cell's dna. »
« Untreated water, which carries bacteria (cholera, typhoid) and viruses (polio, viral hepatitis). »
« A few days later, after being discharged from the hospital, her doctor diagnosed her with viral gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach and intestines. »
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