7 sentences with «via»

« The stomach is connected to the brain via the vagus nerve, which reaches a place known as the "hiccup centre". Here it stimulates another nerve, the phrenic nerve, which travels down to the diaphragm, exciting it and producing the contraction. »
« The Italians were also the middlemen who linked Asia and Europe via the Middle East: Italy was the European terminus of the Silk Road. »
« It was a period when trade and scholarship flowed from India to Europe via Iranian and Ottoman trade routes, greatly enriching all three empires. »
« The largest of these kingdoms was Mali, which oversaw a lucrative trade in gold and various luxury goods northwards via caravans to North Africa and the rest of the Mediterranean. »
« Other kingdoms also traded with each other and, via caravans, with the Middle East and Europe. These African kingdoms also frequently fought each other (as did the states of Europe). »
« The Schlieffen Plan called for a rapid advance into France to get French forces out of the war within six weeks. German troops would then be brought back east via the railways in time to engage Russia, as it was believed that the Russians would take at least that long to mobilise their armies. »
« When Stephen Hawking took to the stage and said thank you via his voice synthesiser, the audience gave him a standing ovation. »

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