6 sentences with «youth»

« A farmer in his youth, Ford quickly showed an interest in machinery, and was only interested in jobs that could be done by machines. »
« 4. Confirmation - the promise to be a faithful member of the Church taken in one's youth. »
« Dhea. Alleged virtues: an elixir of youth that increases stamina and resistance to disease, prevents heart disease, stimulates sex drive and reduces body fat. The truth: these are largely exaggerations. »
« Despite my youth, I knew at what point he began to regain his old spirit. I heard him get up from his armchair and limp out into the garden, where his ferns awaited him. »
« At that time I took a step that would change my life forever: there was a Baptist church near my home that never interested me until they organised a youth choir there. However, to join it, you had to go to church. And I started going all the time, not so much for the sermons, but to sing. »
« What Italian Fascism did for the Italian people was essentially ideological and, in a sense, emotional: it led youth movements and recreational clubs and sought the participation of all Italians. »
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