8 sentences with 'vary'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vary and other words derived from it.

« Bruises are the most lasting reminder of blows, and vary in extent and colour depending on the force of the impact. »
« But accounts of other-dimensional experiences vary according to the teachings of each religion. »
« The details vary from tribe to tribe, but all agree on the horror. »
« The positions of psychology vary according to the current of thought. The most widely heard stress the phenomenon of "isolation", an area in which the events closest to death experiences are studied and produced in a laboratory: what happens to a person's body and mind when they are isolated in one way or another? »
« Although opinions will vary, perhaps the most memorable achievement of the Classical Age was in philosophy, primarily through the thought of the most important Greek philosophers of all time: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. »
« In comparison to the infantry-centred Roman legions, the Roman auxiliaries tended to vary their weapons - auxiliaries could be slingers and archers as well as foot soldiers and cavalry. »
« While estimates vary considerably, between 35,000 and 55,000 accused enemies of the Revolution were executed or died in prison during this era, which was further intensified by widespread incarceration (totalling half a million people, 3% of the adult population). »
« In addition to the murder of the Jews, millions more were killed by the Nazis in the name of their ideology. While estimates vary, at least 250,000 Roma ("Gypsies") were murdered. At least 6,000 homosexual men were murdered. »

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