6 sentences with «vision»

« In his first part he describes a blinding vision that the deceased has. At that moment he will be able to acquire liberation if the strong intensity does not intimidate him. »
« The early vision of Yahweh present in the Yahwist faith was that of a powerful but not all-powerful being whose authority and power was focused solely on the Hebrew people and the territory of the Hebrew kingdom. »
« Joan of Arc reported that she had received a vision from God commanding her to help the French achieve victory against the invading English. »
« Queen Isabella tended to rule with more boldness and vision than Ferdinand, personally leading Castilian troops during the last years of the Reconquista, sponsoring Columbus' voyage and presiding over the larger and wealthier of the two great Spanish kingdoms. »
« Fresh from the successful Reconquista, Queen Isabella agreed with Columbus's vision of outflanking Muslim forces in the Middle East and recapturing the Holy Land as much as she wanted new trade routes to Asia. »
« Her work was almost unprecedented in its egalitarian vision, anticipating ideas of human universalism that only came of age in the 19th century, and only became dominant views in the 20th century. »
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