6 sentences with 'vision'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vision and other words derived from it.

« Sophisticated devices are used for eye examinations and vision control. »
« In his first part he describes a blinding vision that the deceased has. At that moment he will be able to acquire liberation if the strong intensity does not intimidate him. »
« The early vision of Yahweh present in the Yahwist faith was that of a powerful but not all-powerful being whose authority and power was focused solely on the Hebrew people and the territory of the Hebrew kingdom. »
« Before his climactic battle in 312 CE to defeat his last rival to the imperial throne, Constantine had a vision claiming to have been sent by the Christian God, promising him victory if he converted to Christianity. »
« Joan of Arc reported that she had received a vision from God commanding her to help the French achieve victory against the invading English. »
« The invention of the printing press was also a huge leap forward in the long-term vision of human technology as a whole, as the scribal tradition had been in place since the creation of writing itself. »
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