9 sentences with 'neighbouring'

Example sentences and phrases with the word neighbouring and other words derived from it.

« Such legends abounded in ancient Greece and neighbouring countries. »
« Although the essential characteristic of Egyptian religion and social structure was continuity, its relations with neighbouring cultures changed over time. »
« The kingdom of Nubia was rich in gold, ivory and slaves, taken from neighbouring lands, making it a rich and powerful place in its own right. »
« There was a rich diplomatic exchange between the Egyptian kings and the kings of their neighbouring lands - in general, they spent far more time trading with their neighbours and sending gifts to each other than they did waging war. »
« The Samaritans seem to have interacted with neighbouring peoples frequently and many of them remained polytheists (people who worship more than one god) despite the growing movement to focus worship exclusively on Yahweh. »
« The kingdom of Judah was simply too small to avoid paying tribute to various neighbouring powers, but its people were proud and defensive of their independence, so every generation or so there were uprisings. »
« With such a high demand, any neighbouring settlement was a potential source of slaves, and slavery was therefore an integral part of the Mediterranean economy. »
« Philip II attacked neighbouring Greek settlements and seized gold mines in northern Greece, which he paid his soldiers and paid to equip them as well. »
« They allied with and, for a time, were ruled by a neighbouring people called the Etruscans who lived northwest of Rome. »
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