6 sentences with «vague»

« If in the writings following the Spanish conquest there are vague references to beliefs in the underworld, the abundance of archaeological evidence is notorious. »
« The combination of vague pro-American sentiments with the radically anti-American propaganda campaign caused a certain section of Soviet society to begin to unconsciously lean towards the United States, aesthetically, emotionally and even, to a certain extent, ideologically. »
« In the Europe of the 1400s, they tended to confuse "India", "Cathay" and "Japan" with Asia itself. They had a vague notion that all of Asia was ruled by khans, partly due to the popularity of the Venetian merchant Marco Polo's famous account of his travels in the latter part of the 13th century. »
« The British term for soldiers who survived but were unable to function in society was 'shell shock', a vague diagnosis for what is now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. »
« Their answers were well-meaning, but vague: "I guess it's just luck," or "If only you could see the chaos in my linen wardrobe!" Not much help. »
« "The words used in this game are often so vague that the blindfolded child has no clue," says Richard Paul, the game's inventor. "The exercise teaches participants not only to express themselves more accurately, but also to observe more carefully and closely. »
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