9 sentences with 'questions'

Example sentences and phrases with the word questions and other words derived from it.

« I couldn't think of any more questions, no matter how much I thought. »
« I looked at Margaret, as I knew she had a lot of questions, but she seemed to have gotten her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. »
« Dr. Walsh had answered all of our questions, except the most important one: would the operation work? »
« Two of the last questions Sarah asked while she was still able to use her computer were, "What will happen when I die?" and "Does it hurt to die?" »
« She kept pestering the doctor with questions about her daughter's symptoms until he agreed to an MRI. »
« Back in the United States, a promoter listened to Jon, who was already 27 years old, and asked him many questions about his income and work plans. »
« Suddenly, these platitudes are becoming scientific questions as researchers explore the power of positive thinking. »
« Then, for 20 minutes, Cherry, a retired former American Airlines pilot living in California, answered the questions with which the eager students bombarded him regarding the ordeal the aviator had suffered in the Pacific. »
« But, along the way, many people came up to greet me, ask me to autograph some books, and ask me questions. »

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