5 sentences with «visual»

« But you, who, like me, are more of a visual animal, don't get depressed or let yourself be dominated by envy. A little out of vindictiveness, let's note that echolocation is colour-blind: a killer whale would only waste its time at an exhibition of modern painters. I, at least, have not seen one, although some modern painters deserve to be hanged. »
« This innovation spread rapidly and completely revolutionised the visual arts, resulting in much more realistic drawings and paintings. »
« The Futurists were only one branch of modernism in the visual arts. »
« However, modernism was not limited to literature and the visual arts. Some composers and musicians in the early decades of the 20th century sought to shatter musical traditions, challenging the expectations of their listeners by altering the very scales, notes and tempos that Western audiences were accustomed to hearing. »
« Similar in some respects to innovations in the visual arts and music, modernist literature created a new approach to poetry and prose. »
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