Sentences with 'umbrella'

Example sentences and phrases with the word umbrella and other words derived from it.

« Inelegant, the moth may look like an umbrella with a hiccup, but its absurd, non-linear flight is a predatory refinement: there is no standardised, geometrising trajectory of evasion that will bring the prey to safety. At any moment the fugitive finds itself captive again in the beam of the bat's ultrasonic sensor, and if this happens within six metres or less of the chiropteran's head, detection is certain. Good value? »
« MENSA International is an umbrella society for people with the highest IQ, and discussions about the brain continue. »
« The Continental Association served as an umbrella group for the colonial and local committees of observation and inspection. In taking these measures, the First Continental Congress established a network of government in opposition to royal authority. » - 1998 - 2022