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« Educated by necessity, of whose heretical face so much has been said, some bats end up copying the moth's bite trajectory - as predictable as that of a stone thrown forward - and intercept it "like those friends who never let us fall". And so successful that several moth species adopted other, more extreme evasive manoeuvres. »
« Nowhere was this more true than in Sparta. Sparta had been greatly altered by the war, becoming by necessity a naval power and diplomatic "player" and losing much of its former identity; »
« Of necessity, Rome learned to add heavy cavalry units to its legions in the 4th century AD. »
« The terms of service in the Praetorian Guard were very attractive: 16 years instead of 25 and pay that was significantly higher (this was a necessity: the emperors starting with Claudius knew they were vulnerable to the Praetorians and needed to keep them happy and loyal). Not surprisingly, the praetorians were recruited from veteran legionaries. »
« This gender division of labour was never absolute, of course, especially as women did "men's work" out of necessity when men were away at war, wounded or sick, or otherwise unavailable. »
« Married noblewomen managed their estates, a necessity given how closely nobles' social identity revolved around warfare, while noble widows sometimes served as formal feudal vassals to more powerful lords, even occasionally leading troops when called into service. »
« At this council, Church officials debated all the articles and accusations that had been made against the Church, from the sale of indulgences, to the importance of good works in salvation, to the spiritual necessity of the sacraments. »
« Marx was born in 1818 in the Rhineland, the son of Jewish parents who had converted to Lutheranism (out of necessity - Marx's father was a lawyer in conservative and staunchly Lutheran Prussia). »

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