7 sentences with «jungle»

« Growers in the Yucatan, in the tropical jungle zone of Mexico, calculate that a large, well-populated cave, with some four million bats hunting in flocks, eliminates twenty-five tons of insects every night. »
« In the dim light of the amaranth jungle, I scan the damp earth for my enemy's footprints. »
« The vacant lot where I played as a child had a vast jungle of weeds, a dreary pond and a deep gully. »
« This insect, which is widespread in the jungle, emits such a strong light that the indigenous people use it to light their huts and when they have to venture into the jungle at night. »
« The small stream was born deep in a mountain in the Venezuelan jungle, and flowed into the mouth of a cavern. »
« In this very second, in just one second, an area of jungle equivalent to the size of a football pitch has just been razed to the ground in the Amazon. Probably, with this level of depredation and with the death of these trees, the only hope of finding in botany the miraculous vaccine or remedy against some incurable disease has gone. »
« Our six-seater cessna plane flew over the jungle, and although the altitude was 4000 feet (1200 metres), you could feel the oppressive heat of that green vastness: the rainforest of southern Suriname. »
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