7 sentences with 'jungle'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jungle and other words derived from it.

« Growers in the Yucatan, in the tropical jungle zone of Mexico, calculate that a large, well-populated cave, with some four million bats hunting in flocks, eliminates twenty-five tons of insects every night. »
« Belgian agents would enter a village and take women and children hostage, ordering the men to go into the jungle and collect a certain amount of rubber. If they did not reach the rubber quota in time, or sometimes even if they did, the agents would cut off the children's arms, rape or murder the women, or sometimes just murder everyone in the village outright. »
« However, my grandfather had two weaknesses: One was me, and the other was his garden, a jungle of giant ferns on the side of his garage. »
« In the dim light of the amaranth jungle, I scan the damp earth for my enemy's footprints. »
« The vacant lot where I played as a child had a vast jungle of weeds, a dreary pond and a deep gully. »
« This insect, which is widespread in the jungle, emits such a strong light that the indigenous people use it to light their huts and when they have to venture into the jungle at night. »
« The small stream was born deep in a mountain in the Venezuelan jungle, and flowed into the mouth of a cavern. »
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