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Example sentences and phrases with the word zone and other words derived from it.

« Growers in the Yucatan, in the tropical jungle zone of Mexico, calculate that a large, well-populated cave, with some four million bats hunting in flocks, eliminates twenty-five tons of insects every night. »
« The formerly independent Phoenician city-states within the Assyrian zone of control surrendered, paid tribute and deferred to Assyrian officials rather than face their wrath in battle. »
« The British developed the time zone system, based on Greenwich Mean Time (part of London) as the "default", because the railways had to coordinate to time departures and arrivals. This was the first time that an entire country, and soon a whole continent, had to have a precise and shared sense of time. »
« After 1815, "Germany" was no more than the "German Confederation", a free trade zone containing several independent kingdoms. »
« The US-, French- and British-controlled occupation zones of Germany became the new nation of the Federal Republic of Germany, known as West Germany, while the Soviet-controlled zone became the German Democratic Republic, or East Germany. »
« In 1953, a demilitarised zone was established between North and South Korea, and both sides agreed to a ceasefire. Technically, however, the war has never officially ended - both sides have simply remained in a tense state of truce since 1953. »

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