6 sentences with 'vigorously'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vigorously and other words derived from it.

« The vigilante squad also set out to vigorously pursue gang leaders. »
« "Pull! Pull!" shouted Laverty as rescuers vigorously tugged at Dwayne's nylon sash. »
« Minister Genscher apologised to senior Israeli officials, and promised that the culprits would be prosecuted vigorously. »
« At the end of the show, one of the audience approached us and shook my hand vigorously. »
« San Martín's plan was vigorously put into action when it was approved in July 1816 by the supreme director Pueyrredón during their meeting in Córdoba, a few days after the Declaration of Independence. »
« The removal of Andros from power illustrates New England's animosity towards the English lord who, during his rule, established the cult of the Church of England in Puritan Boston and vigorously enforced the Navigation Acts, much to the chagrin of the inhabitants of the port cities. »

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